Monday, January 5, 2015


First. The youth theme is awesome. We crash Young Women's on every fast Sunday, and they talked about knowing Heavenly Father and then introduced the D&C 4 and the #embark theme. Honestly, if anyone wants to know Heavenly Father & Christ better, serving a mission is one of the best things you can do. I can't recommend anything better.

Awesome things happened this week(:

So there are two Japanese foreign exchange students here in Lovell. (Can you imagine having your experience of America in the tiny and isolated of Wyoming? Anyways!) One of them is staying with our stake president's family. We spent Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (& day) with their family, and got to know their exchange student better. Before we showed up for New Years breakfast, the stake president called us and asked us to teach the first lesson after breakfast. So we did! Went really well, despite the language barrier. We're going back tonight to teach the second lesson.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the program, she cannot get baptized. But this is her first real exposure to Christianity and the church, and she loves it. She prays and knows that what she is learning is true. We figure we have this opportunity to help her understand and build her testimony so that when she does leave back for Japan, all she will have to do is find some missionaries. :)

Other good news! In Billings, I taught a less-active lady whose son has been living in Lovell with his dad's family. (The lady & his dad are divorced) When I got my transfer news, I promised her that I would find her son and his family. 

Well, I did both! They are in our ward. The dad & grandfather are less-active, and we have been working with the grandfather. He has had a hard life & has been separated from the gospel for quite some time and so has not felt comfortable praying, etc.. We had an amazing lesson with him this week - the spirit was so strong, and he got very emotional. We had his nephew come because he tends to trust family more than the ward. Anyways in the end of the lesson, he finally prayed :) He knows this is what he needs, and we testified that he can make those steps. Yay for progress!

Last news. I found my favorite old person. Every area has its classic awesome old person. In Butte, it was Betty. I love, love Betty. My favorite old person here in Lovell is Panzy. She is just a riot!

The first time we showed up was right before Christmas. We were trying someone else, but apparently that person had moved. But we figured we might as well talk to this lady while we were there. When we left that time, we were pretty sure that she was completely senile, but we figure we would try one more time.

We discovered that she probably is senile, but not as bad as we thought! She definitely enjoys company, though. When we showed her "New Year: Look not behind thee" (Mormon message), she told us that what stood out to her is that men shouldn't be chasing women, they should be going to church! haha So yes, definitely some senility. But the rest of our conversations with her were actually pretty intelligent, and she said she would take the lessons. We will continue to gauge how much she understands, but for right now, she is just plain hilarious. Very animated. Hard to describe in words. But definitely she's my favorite old person here.

Other news, there is a 15 year old that has been coming to church with her friend, and she has been wanting to get baptized so she can go on all of the temple trips. Her member friend finally asked her to take the discussions, and she said yes! And so hopefully this week we can start teaching her. Hopefully, hopefully. It should really just come down to finding a time that works for everyone. So I will keep you updated on that.

Love you all so very much!
Sista G

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