Monday, January 12, 2015

this is the way...

...... I may or may not be wearing a gray & scarlet outfit completed by the buckeye necklace you sent me last year...... I promise it looks dignified! I can't tell you how many members have invited us to watch the game with them, and we have to politely explain that we can't, no matter how many non-members they will have over.... but I extended a invitation for them to text us with the final results of the game! haha

Alright, moving story.
So the ancient lady that we were with was interesting. She would eat our food, take out our laundry, and refuse to turn on the heat upstairs. Things got better, however, when the mission office sent the sisters a space heater and plastic to cover the windows (the house was really old). By the time I arrived, the sisters already had the space heater, so I never experienced the extreme cold. But before I arrived, the sisters would wake up to their room being 38 degrees.

Anyways, our stake president lives in our ward and we are also teaching his Japanese foreign exchange student. When we were over for New Year's, he asked us to tell him how our living situation was. Sister Gray proceeded to tell him the above story. Now our stake president has about the same build as dad, except he is taller. And he is also know for always freezing. So he informed us that we would be moving within a week and also proceeded to tell us that next time there were problems, he needed to be informed.

Sister Gray and I did not particularly want to move because (A) she is going home soon, (B) Lovell is going to have a companionship removed soon because so many missionaries are going home, and (C) moving always disrupts the missionary work because then you aren't just moving your personal stuff, but you are then moving all the food and supplies, and in this case, 10 YEARS worth of missionary crap that has built up.

But on this Tuesday, we got a phone call from the stake president around 12 that we had a new place and that we WERE MOVING that night. So we moved all of the things that we needed so we would stay at the new place that night, and then we took time throughout the week to sort out the rest of the missionary crap.

Did I mention before that we found flipcharts at this place?

Anyways. Took forever. But we were completely done with the move by Friday, I think it was. The things missionaries leave behind... I'm trying to decide which move was worse - this one or the one from the summer in Billings.

We do, however, love our new digs. The lady that we live with is so incredibly spunky and kind. Some people, when they heard who we were living with, expressed concern that there would now be three young adult girls living together unsupervised. She also made us muffins on our first night there for breakfast in the morning. So we like her! haha

Everything is going well with the people that we are teaching. There are a few that we want to be teaching, but the members that are supposed to be inviting them are moving slower than molasses. So we are going to focus on following up. Because there is a 15 year old that wants to be baptized and we definitely could be teaching the other Japanese foreign exchange student. 

We had a really powerful lesson though with the current Japanese student that we teach. We were going over the gospel of Jesus Christ, and at the end, we testified powerfully of 2 Nephi 31:21 where it says, 

"And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God"

Jesus Christ opens up the possibility of returning to live with God, and the gospel, faith-repentance-baptism-HolyGhost-enduring, is the only way to achieve that possibility. Living & learning the gospel IS the purpose to life, the most important thing that we could be doing. And we must never lose focus of that.

Have a fantastic week :) 

Sista G

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