Monday, February 9, 2015

going 2 by 2 again!... finally ha

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh buddy!
Her name is Sister Rasmussen, she is from American Fork, UT. She did a year of school at UVU for nursing before coming on her mission. She is very sweet and has such a strong desire to work hard. It is a nice contrast from my last companion, of which just wanted to hang out with members. Hence the lack of meaningful work last transfer.

She seems to be adjusting okay... we definitely both shared moments of stress. I had forgotten how much is new to a missionary just from the MTC. Both of us want her to be able to just know everything instantly, but there isn't time to teach everything all at once. It has to be steps at a time. And she does understand that she won't get everything instantly, but that it will come over time.

Anyways, she is super cute and awesome, and things are going really well :) I want her to learn how to do everything exactly according to direction from our mission president, because most companions I have had choose to omit certain things that they don't agree with. So my goal is to help her develop good habits now that she can stick to, no matter her future companion. Anyways.

There has been a few exciting things this week!

First, we got a grumpy old less-active to church! He used to be very active, but then he was offended by some decisions from a stake president. He is not bitter towards the church, but he does hold resentment towards those leaders. As such, he used the argument that he should not come to church because he would be taking of the sacrament unworthily, due to these bitter feelings. 

"Partaking of the sacrament worthily" has always been a little enigmatic to me, and so I am planning on studying it further. Commentary would be welcome, but I am pretty sure that my initial feelings are correct, which are that he is full of it. 

Anyways, I told him that he should pray about it, and asked him to pray about it right then & there for the closing prayer. He gave an awesome prayer, but he omitted asking about his attendance at sacrament meeting. Pretty sure he knows he is making up excuses! But, he did show up to sacrament only after the sacrament was passed. Challenge accepted.

Long story short, I am looking forward to working more with him. The spirit there was strong, and I believe he stayed for all of the meetings. 

Other story. 
I went tracting with two sisters that were stuck with me because of transfers. One was headed to Powell, the other to Riverton. First door we knock, he lets us in and accepts a Book of Mormon, Restoration pamphlet, and a return appointment to teach the Restoration. He spent most of the visit telling us about his riotous living, past and present. But repentance is available for all! So hopefully that lesson goes well this week.

Another tracting story.
Well, specific tracting. There's this house that we kept driving by. And parked in front of it was this green bug with a new Ohio license plate. (Ya know, the ones with the red triangle thing) Anyways. It's been driving me crazy for weeks, wanting to know why there was an Ohio license plate in tiny Lovell, Wyoming. (The car next to it was a Michigan license plate, another enigma)

So last night I decided I couldn't take the mystery anymore, and so we knocked. Turns out it was two 19 year old girls, both living here because they are working on some sort of horse ranch outside of Greybull. They are going to the nondenominational church here in town, but accepted us to come by and share a message about Christ. The one from Ohio is in some small town, the name of which escapes me. But she said it was close to Salem. She used Canton to describe it, which tickled me. I definitely know where Canton is! Anyways, I really hope there is an opportunity there to help them learn about the gospel! 

Those are the highlights, we are just plugging along. We are going to focus on finding, since only a few of the people we visit seem willing to progress. 

The other day, I woke up with an idea from my dream that I decided to "save for my last transfer". After some waking up time, I realized that this WAS my last transfer. So crazy, time flies. I am grateful to be training this last transfer, it's making me work as hard as I can.

Sista G

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