Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the digital age...

I think I told you last week about an amazing grilled cheese sandwich that I was going to be eating with some nonmembers.

Yeah, it was delicious. 
I'll make one for whoever wants one when I get back.

We took some pictures - we'll send them along. But amazingly, I was able to help this lady with her family history, and she's okay with us coming back in March when she gets more information from her relatives to keep helping her out.

Guess what? It happened.
We FINALLY got to teach the other Japanese foreign exchange student.

She had almost no religion back in Japan. The concept of God was something completely new to her before coming to America. She probably would still not believe in God if it weren't for the fact that she received a blessing a few months back - she had twisted her ankle pretty bad while running. But during the blessing, she felt peaceful, and her ankle healed in a matter of days instead of the several weeks typical for healing. So she knows God exists.

We started off with the Restoration, but very quickly realized that she did not understand the role of Christ. Needing to be "clean from sin" was very foreign to her. But we left her with a chapter to read that went over the Atonement.

It made me realize, however, how often we take that knowledge of a loving Savior for granted. But if it weren't for him, it would not matter what we did in this life, everything would be for naught.

Other news. We went tracting and were able to find a new person to teach! This lady has actually come to church in the past with her LDS friend, and she enjoyed it. She was grateful for our coming by and accepted a visit from us the next day.

When we returned, we discovered that she not only had already read from the Book of Mormon, but she remembered what she had read and was able to discuss it. Crazy!

She wants to be baptized, but understands there is much studying and other things that need to be taken care of first. Anyways, she is going to shoot for April 22 as a baptismal date.

The biggest news is that we are having an ALL MISSION meeting in Bozeman on March 4th. The reason? Our mission is getting trained by Elder Zwick of the 70 on how to do missionary work in the digital age. So this will be going over iPads and the internet. iPads are finally out of the testing phase and are getting integrated! The interesting part - I'm good because I am going home soon - but all missionaries going home after August 23 are receiving new iPads and also are paying for them, but also keeping them at the end of their mission.

Hope you have a good week, and I hope Grandpa gets better soon!

Sista G

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