Monday, February 2, 2015

what a relief!!!

Best news first.
This Wednesday.
Brand new missionary.
I won't know who it is until she hops off the transfer van Wednesday night and asks for Sister Griffin. First time training!

Praise the Lord I won't be doing permanent splits for a transfer. I've been doing that this weekend, and it is stressful. It made me be grateful for ANY companion, even trunky ones that don't want to work hard. 

Sister Gray left for Billings on Friday, and ever since I have been with Jordan Harper. She's been my "part time mini missionary" companion (She stayed the night with me Friday & Saturday). The stake president even set her apart this Sunday... I don't think he knows yet that I'm getting a full time companion. So yeah, I'm not sure what was happening communication-wise, but whatever, it's all good. 

I was getting myself and the ward all ready though with sign-ups to go on splits with me. So we'll still drag those members to come because it will be good for them, even though I should have a new companion. And Sister Harper will join us in a trio as often as she is available, even though it's not going to be that often.

We FINALLY got permission for the other Japanese foreign exchange student - so that will start this week! Hopefully Thursday or Friday. I am way excited! There are so many potentials here, we just need to invite by the spirit and hopefully they will commit to learning about the gospel!

Sorry this is short..
This weekend has been hectic and things will continue to be crazy until Wednesday... But it will work out. In the meantime, I am living out of a suitcase with the Lovell 4&5 sisters until the new missionary comes. I have splits and other such things arranged, however..

I also heard that one of my investigators back in Lake Hills got baptized! So that's exciting. It was the old man that needed to quit smoking.. I probably mentioned him.

Pray for the hearts here to be opened and prepared so I can get some good damage done for my last transfer :)

Sister Griffin

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