Sunday, March 8, 2015

diapers have sizes???

Funny story first. We go visit a lady who is working on coming back to church, and she's just the sweetest thing. We shared about how families can be together forever. Anyways, she told us how she only had one diaper left and the stores had all closed that night. Sister Rasmussen and I were discussing how bad we felt for her when we decided that we knew tons of people - surely someone had some diapers that we could pick up and take back to this lady!

That's when Sister Rasmussen said we had better call the lady. I didn't understand why - why not just surprise her? But then she said, "we need to know what size, though!"

And I just busted up laughing. I'm the youngest, I hate babysitting, and I don't have any nieces or nephews. It never, ever crossed my mind that diapers would have sizes. Anyways, we stopped by at some less-actives (probably the only house that had people home due to the high school basketball games) and they were more than happy to help. And the lady was SO grateful for the help. That was something so simple and so easy, but really made a difference.. and learned something new. Diapers have sizes.

Glad Grandpa is doing better! I hope he can make a full recovery. I'll keep him in my prayers! Sounds like an absolute miracle that he is still with us. I am glad he received a priesthood blessing. They have so much power.

WAY excited for our ALL MISSION meeting this Wednesday. I, too, am excited to see the difference between the roll-out and the pilot. 

Things have been going slow because the internet is highly distracting and also has the potential to be very spiritually destructive. Or at least that's how I see it. 

But enough of the digital news, I'll just have to let you know how everything went next week. 

Next: departing interview. So because many missionaries are going home at the same time, President Mecham is doing the majority of the departing interviews before next weekend. And so Wyoming was first, thus my interview was this last Friday. I am looking forward to the challenge of keeping Heavenly Father first while also juggling school and other such things (: Honestly, I have learned much about testimony, conversion, and consecration on my mission. Still have much more to learn of course, but I am grateful for what I have learned thus far and am eager to apply it in the "real world".

Anyways. That interview was in Powell. But then on Tuesday, we had a mission leadership training in Worland. So we have been on the road quite a bit. The meeting focused on working hard & working smart and on attributes that help in those areas.

We continued to work with Mr. G. We gave him a church tour last Friday, and brought our ward mission leader with us. His comment about Mr. G was pretty priceless: "He's a good man...but not that good. He has a lot of changes ahead of him". So true. His life is full of drinking and women, including cheating & breaking up marriages. But, he was praying this last week every morning. And, he prayed in our last lesson, and noted that he was trying to make changes and that he feels better when we come. 

The atonement is available for everyone.
It can help anyone conquer sin, even the "vilest of sinners" (Alma 36:6-23)

Last night, we were at a lady's home, who hasn't been to church in years. She had a nasty marriage that still haunts her today. She commented that with everything she has been through, she feels lost and at a total lack of spirituality. She kept expressing doubts that she can be healed and feel whole again.

But the atonement is available for everyone.
And it can heal even the deepest hurts.
The atonement can redeem, enable, and support.

We use the PMG pamphlets a TON, and one of my favorite passages in the Plan of Salvation pamphlet is "As you rely on the Atonement, you will feel the love of God, and He will help you endure your trials. You will experience joy, peace, and consolation. All that seems unfair in life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the mercy and love of our Heavenly Father."

I know Jesus Christ lives, and because He Lives, all of us can be healed.
And that's the whole meaning of Easter, which is coming up quick.

Only a few days, and I'll being seeing all of you so soon!

Sister Griffin

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